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About Perfection Data

Since 1996, Perfection Data has been a resource for data management and data mining with an emphasis on Point-of-Sale (POS) report generation for manufacturers in the electrical, electronic and tool industries.

We manage POS data to provide reports critical for sales and management teams. With the information Perfection Data can provide, the client is able to meet the needs of accurate compensation for their sales team and the ever changing challenges of the marketplace. We work directly with distributors to collect the data needed for creating the reports that help with these key business decisions.

Recently, we have begun to offer our services to rep agencies to assist them in their business decisions and help them concentrate on selling. Perfection Data gathers the data that agencies receive in many formats and layout and compiles it into easy to use and understand reports for use by principals, sales personnel, and to assist in discussions with manufacturers.

Our goal is simple-provide accurate POS reports to meet the client’s specific needs.

Please contact us for full details on how we can help you succeed with your compensation plans and marketing strategies.

Perfection Data is a proud member of the
Electronic Representatives Association