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Data Cleansing

After 18 years of producing many types of reports, we know the data we receive has issues from time to time. To accurately report sales and eliminate the need to re-release reports and adjust commissions, we take the following steps with every data file received:

  • Save file to .xlsx format. This standardizes the data as we receive many different formats and, in some cases, printed. We are flexible with companies, working with their existing systems.
  • Check for and confirm extended cost. If not provided it is calculated.
  • Check for deleted or added data fields and notify our clients of these changes.
  • Check that the data is for the month stated.
  • Check SKU’s for anything unusual, e.g., data for sales of another company’s products.
  • Check for unusually large quantities, unusually large return quantities and zero quantities.
  • Check for unusually large sales or unusually large returns.
  • Calculate total sales, compare to previous 12 month history months to make sure variance is within 15%.

For any issues found during the data cleansing process, we will contact the distributor directly or National Account Manager for the account based on the established relationship.

Please contact Perfection Data for full details on creating a complete report package for your sales and management teams.